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I started in the publishing world in 2008. My first publication was for an International Educational Publisher. I wrote books for kindergarten (2006) & first grade (2010) students and the teacher’s guide for Science.

When I started my radio show, in 2014, we discussed a lot of topics and it was the listeners who asked me for a book. So in 2017, I decided to make my first self-publishing book.

Then, in 2019 I decided to publish a second book for women, and since then I’ve been writing. Also, I help women who want to write or publish their books, to make it real!

YES, I Love to Write!

I have two magazines, one in Spanish and one in English. Both magazines are for women and we have a variety of segments; from beauty to business.

Empútate — This magazine is in Spanish and began publishing in 2021 and we count with a wonderful group of women who donate their time and knowledge writing articles to empower women.

BEmpower Women – This magazine is in English and we start publishing it in 2022. Like our magazine in Spanish, we have a group of amazing women who are entrepreneurs that are donating their time to share their knowledge with us.

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