I’d like to tell you how I started using essential oils and why I chose dōTERRA.

For some time I had been thinking about how to make a change in my health and lifestyle and how I could share it with my family, including my clients.

So, believe it or not, getting to know dōTERRA was unexpected. I love scents: candles, incense, and essential oils.

One day my cousin told me that her sister-in-law had the invitation to go to Utah and that she could go with her, between one thing and another I ended up meeting the dynamic couple “Idaliz and Wilfred” and in less than two weeks we were flying to Utah.

I hadn’t tried the products, although I had heard of them. It was enough for me to try the peppermint oil to see that it worked. But, my true testimony is that during the trip, my period said “HELLO, I’M HERE”. I have always had (as many women know) severe pain and heavy flow. So, I applied Clary Calm along with Copaiba. Guys, this mix changed my life! Combined with the practice of yoga, this mixture has improved my period, and it’s AMAZING!

During this trip, I learned many things about this company. In addition to the results that I have seen in myself and my family, the main reasons that led me to fall in love with dōTERRA were the following:


  • The market does not have specific quality requirements, dōTERRA decided to create the CPTG Certified Total Purity Guaranteed® quality protocol.
  • With the code of each bottle, you have complete traceability of each batch of essential oil on the page http://www.sourcetoyou.com.
  • Checks are carried out in their laboratories, and they also carry out quality analysis in an external company, APRC, to guarantee the impartiality of their results. More information at http://www.aromaticplants.org
  • The oils are obtained from sustainable crops that minimize damage to nature.
  • Being products with a very high concentration, benefits are achieved using a very little amount of product.

They prefer to work with local farmers and distillers in developing countries, promoting the economy of these areas, in which they try to improve individual, social, economic, and environmental well-being. They have called this the Co-Impact Sourcing program. You have more information about this also on the page http://www.sourcetoyou.com

A fair salary is paid for the work of the people who work in the production of essential oils.

In addition to improving the economy of some countries with the production of some of their oils, they also have an NGO with projects in several countries. You can see more information at https://doterrahealinghands.org

In some countries, they coincide with the Co-Impact program and with the work of Healing Hands.

When you access as a wholesale customer or as a dōTERRA distributor you have access to a lot of information and training on the uses and properties of essential oils.

You become part of a support group that advises you on the use and properties of essential oils, and you have access to free courses and ongoing training, just for being part of dōTERRA. There is also a lot of information both on the company’s website and in specialized books.

dōTERRA has a program that allows you to accumulate points by placing order orders on a regular basis, these points can be exchanged for free oils. Every month they have promotions of a free product, for a purchase order for a fixed minimum amount. They also organize BOGO to buy one oil and give away another.

All this led me to buy a starter kit, little by little I discovered everything that essential oils could help us in our daily life, both physically and emotionally, and now they are part of my day-to-day routines. I use them in diffusers, topically and internally, with dōTERRA oils being the only ones that give me enough confidence to ingest.

Keep in mind that essential oils are a fundamental part of eliminating toxic products from our homes and from our lives, and you can’t play it by buying poor quality or adulterated oils.

Interested in start using them? Do you want to have your own business? Contact me.

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