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❉ What is stopping you from being the best version of yourself?
❉ Why haven’t you started writing and publishing your first book?
❉ Do you overthink & get overwhelmed with negative emotions & you’re so tired & frustrated of feeling like this?
❉ Do you judge & criticize yourself & beat yourself down when things aren’t ‘perfect’?
❉ Do you feel dissatisfied with your life, there’s no spark, lost passion or not feeling motivated?
❉ Do you feel confused & stuck about what you really want, and what is your mission?
❉ Having difficulties with making decisions?

I have been there & I understand deeply. I HAVE BEEN YOU!

There are tools & strategies I would love to teach you so you can feel better, heal, learn to love yourself, feel happy & fulfilled whilst living a life you enjoy, while you keep growing your business, climbing in your career, writing and publishing your book, enjoying being a mom, just being you!

we love, help &


I love what I do every day, helping and empowering people is my passion. Seeing the evolution of the person/company and being part of their transformation with a positive ending is gratifying or seeing the end result of a book that was published, even though the author had no idea where it would start..

This is why there are different ways and areas in which I can help you.

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We Got This!


The goal of Coaching is to make changes in your life, to improve your well-being, work with old habits, both physically and emotionally.

Our coaching programs are holistic and differ from traditional therapy. Whereas therapy analyzes a client’s past as a tool to identify present behavior, a holistic life coach focuses on the present to create an actionable plan to unleash the resilient self-leader that you were born to be. You may not feel like it, but you are already complete, and you already have the tools you need. We just need to unleash you. We’ll do this through positive coaching that considers emotions, mindset, behavior, and spirit.


Let Us Get Your Story Down on Paper…

✤ Outline: Let us map out the book on your behalf—then we can write the outline for you, or you can write it yourself.


It also takes discipline, writing chops, and a whole lot of butt-in-chair time.

How do you know where to start? How do you know when the book is good enough? How do you overcome the very important obstacles that are bound to show up?

That’s where I come in, a writing coach to keep you on track with the information (and inspiration) you’ll need.

✤  Writing Coaching: Knowing someone is waiting to read your pages does wonders for motivation and accountability. We’ll brainstorm ideas, give feedback and cheer you on!
✤ Story Coaching: We’ll help you plot the most important moments of your story, so your reader can’t help but keep turning the pages.
✤ Breakthrough: We have powerhouse coaches on our team who use NLP techniques to find the source of your writer’s block—and get you back into the writing flow.



✤ Choose a selling book idea

✤ Craft a strong outline

✤ Avoid pitfalls like writer’s block

✤ Rework your first draft

✤ Polish your final draft

. . . and more!


More authors are realizing that they don’t have to depend on traditional publishers to offer their book to the world.

The dream of holding your book in your hands is more accessible and real than ever before. You get to choose the timeline, collaborate on the design, and own the rights.

Yes, it’s possible, with self-publishing.

✤ I will carry you and your book under their wing during the whole process.

✤ Customize both your book cover and interior to reflect just the right tone.

✤ Editing, copyediting and proofreading, you don’t have to worry about relying on your neighbors to find typos.

✤ I will set your book with the ISBNs and guide you through everything you need to know Amazon, and ordering more books.

✤ Create a marketing plan for your book.

Business & Marketing

When it comes to strategic planning for the growth and success of your business, it is important to have someone in your corner who can provide guidance and professional advice.

✤ Create branding

✤ Getting Clarity

✤ Marketing and Business Strategies

✤ Networking

✤ Accountability

✤Mindset Practice


Talks & Seminars

Motivation comes from hearing, seeing, and doing. 

We offer seminars, workshops and courses in different areas and industries. 


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